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Experienced Immigration Law Advocates

Immigration law is complex and ever-changing. Adjudication and processing-related matters are not something to handle without an experienced and results-driven attorney at your side. The smallest mistake carries catastrophic consequences.

The Houston-based attorneys at The Farias Law Firm are experienced in legal issues involving the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, the Department of Homeland Security, Customs and Border Protection, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, and the Executive Office for Immigration Review.

Immigration Attorneys Fighting For The Best Possible Result

Our lawyers are diligent advocates and litigators who help our fellow Texas residents with a variety of immigration issues. The stakes are high. Detention, removal, denial of benefits, criminal prosecution and deportation can be life-changing. Our job is to navigate individuals, families and businesses through the bureaucracy with a focus on the best possible outcome.

During your initial consultation, we will spend time with you to understand the specific facts surrounding the legal problems you or a loved one is facing. From there, we customize strategies, communicate realistic expectations, and provide continuous updates on the status of your immigration case.

Take Proactive Steps And Contact The Farias Law Firm

If you need help in securing benefits or obtaining relief in immigration proceedings, call The Farias Law Firm in Houston at (713) 226-7999. You can also reach our firm online. For our non-English speaking clients, attorneys David F. Ramirez, Jr., and Karleana Farias are native Spanish speakers.