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Is borderline personality disorder a factor in your divorce?

by | Dec 29, 2020 | Divorce

No two Texas married couples have exactly the same experiences in their relationships. You might have a friend or family member, however, with whom you feel you can closely relate in regard to marriage and, more specifically, to some of the challenges or problems you and your spouse have encountered through the years.  If you’re filing for divorce, it’s helpful to have a confidant who can provide emotional support.

If your spouse suffers from a mental health condition, such as borderline personality disorder, you’re likely no stranger to emotional upheaval and high levels of stress. During divorce proceedings, your spouse’s condition may cause conflict and make it difficult for you to achieve a fair settlement in a peaceful fashion.

What exactly is borderline personality disorder?

If your spouse exhibits symptoms of BPD, he or she may have frequent, drastic mood swings. BPD is a mental health condition that is categorized by emotional instability, erratic behavior and difficulty relating to people, which often includes a spouse.

This type of behavior is common among those diagnosed with BPD. Mental health experts typically diagnose this condition when symptoms of impulsive and destructive behavior are present in addition to frequent mood swings and relationships that are marked by conflict.

Issues that can make BPD worse

If you’ve been living with a spouse who suffers from BPD, you may have already noticed that stress triggers flare-ups of symptoms. Perhaps you and your spouse have argued or faced some other high-level stress situation only to have him or her space out or disassociate from his or her surroundings. On the other hand, he or she might become paranoid or act out by exhibiting destructive behaviors.

Trying to settle a divorce when your ex has BPD

No matter what events or issues prompted your decision to divorce, if you’re dealing with a person who has BPD, the risk of conflict is high. In addition to marital property and liability issues, you might have child custody, alimony or child support issues to resolve. If your ex refuses to cooperate or you disagree on what’s best for your kids, you shouldn’t hesitate to reach out for additional legal support to help you protect your parental rights and to make sure you get a fair settlement.