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Divorce Lawyer in Houston, TX

If you have friends or relatives who have gone through divorce, you know you should get a good family lawyer. If your marriage includes children, it is even more important that you have a no-nonsense lawyer on your side who is skilled and experienced with divorce cases.

At The Farias Law Firm in Houston, Texas, we pride ourselves on our attention to details. We know Texas divorce law, and we are committed to achieving the best results for you and your children.

This Is A Turning Point In Your Life

The judge’s divorce decree will have a huge impact on the course and the quality of your life. The decree could determine many things, including:

  • How your family’s assets will be divided
  • Your custody and visitation rights
  • What type of relationship you will have with your children in the years ahead
  • The course of your children’s lives
  • The child support and spousal support you will receive or pay

It is absolutely vital that you have a Houston family lawyer you trust. You cannot afford to have regrets about who you hired to represent you in your divorce.

At some point in the future, there could be changes in circumstances for you and your ex-spouse. If the divorce decree needs to be enforced or modified, we will be there with you.

Judges Frown Upon Drama

Family courts in Texas have full dockets and judges are under severe pressure to quickly move cases through the legal system. As a result, judges do not tolerate courtroom drama from attorneys.

That is why the lawyers at The Farias Law Firm present arguments in a calm, clear and organized manner — so the judge will have a firm understanding of your legal argument and position.

Contact an Experienced Houston Divorce Lawyer

Are you facing divorce? You need a Houston divorce lawyer who will strive to get everything you deserve under the law. Call The Farias Law Firm at (713) 226-7999 or contact us online. We communicate with clients in English or Spanish, and we do not rely on translators.