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Unfortunately, Divorces Are Never “Final”. Modify or Enforce Your Decree With Help From Our Skilled Attorneys.

It is a phrase you will hear from people who have just gone through a divorce: “It’s such a relief. My divorce is final.” Unfortunately, divorces are never final.

That is because in the future:

  • There could be changes in circumstances for you or your ex-spouse, or
  • Your ex-spouse could violate the terms of the divorce

When changes or violations occur, the divorce decree must be enforced or modified — and you need an attorney who knows what to do. At The Farias Law Firm in Houston, Texas, our lawyers will stand with you and fight for what you deserve, even after the divorce decree has been filed.

Decrees Are Legally Binding

Fortunately, it is illegal to ignore a divorce decree. If an order is broken, the court can enforce it. The side that violates the order can face fines, jail or modification and restriction of their custody rights.

Our attorneys are well-versed with the enforcement of orders. If we represent you in a divorce, we will strive to bring the other side into compliance as quickly as the law will allow.

Frequently Broken Court Orders

Here are elements of divorce agreements that courts often need to enforce:

  • Support — Your ex-spouse is paying too little or paying late.
  • Visitation — Your ex-spouse is not letting you see the children enough (or at all).
  • Debt — Your ex-spouse is missing payments and your credit score is being damaged.

How To Contact Us

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