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When business disputes arise, you need a dedicated Houston business litigation lawyer who can protect you with informed decisiveness. The Farias Law Firm business attorneys are committed to working with small business entrepreneurs who are starting their own business, contemplating buying a business, or simply need to make their business work better for them. Because our Houston-based civil litigation lawyers handle many diverse areas of law, we can advise business clients from a broad, all-inclusive perspective.

Take the first step towards safeguarding your business interests. Contact us today at 713-226-7999 for a consultation with an experienced Houston business lawyer who is ready to provide the informed guidance your business needs.

Business Litigation in Houston

Business litigation involves legal proceedings that address disputes or issues related to business transactions or relationships. It can include a range of issues such as contract disputes, intellectual property matters, or employment conflicts. Business disputes require litigation, and engaging a commercial litigation law firm such as ours offers businesses access to the required experience and resources to steer through these intricate legal disputes. Partnership disputes can particularly be high-stakes affairs with legal intricacies that require specific knowledge.

Business entities and individuals alike can be involved in business litigation, representing either side of a dispute. Due to the intricacy of legal issues and the challenge for business owners to represent the company adequately, involving a specific litigation law firm becomes indispensable. Our attorneys prioritize resolving the business dispute without resorting to litigation, utilizing methods that are often more amicable and cost-effective.

The Role of a Houston Business Litigation Lawyer

The significance of a business litigation lawyer in Houston’s dispute resolution process cannot be overstated. Our lawyers at The Farias Law Firm provide legal representation throughout this process, offer advisory roles in safeguarding rights and interests, facilitate favorable agreements, and create legally binding contracts. We carefully assess the relevant contracts to analyze and construe dispute resolution provisions that can influence the resolution procedure.

Our Houston business litigation lawyers can resolve cases through various methods, such as:

  • Direct communication or phone calls
  • Negotiating settlements
  • Assisting clients through alternative dispute resolution options like mediation or arbitration, while negotiating on their behalf to attain a favorable outcome.
  • We will use negotiation and mediation first and will be prepared to take the case to court when deemed necessary

As a Houston business litigation attorney, our experience ensures the best possible solution for your case.

Without the proper guidance, navigating business litigation in Houston can be daunting. Our role as experienced attorneys involves leading clients through the process, providing proactive risk management, and delivering indispensable legal counsel throughout the process. Our experience is instrumental in minimizing the impact of unexpected litigation on businesses, reducing associated costs, and alleviating the stress and time involved in commercial disputes

Key Types of Business Litigation Handled by Our Firm

At The Farias Law Firm, we handle a variety of business litigation types- from protecting trade secrets and intellectual property to managing employment contract disputes. Our multi-faceted approach ensures that we tackle each case with the diligence and dedication it requires.

With our extensive experience and resources, we safeguard a business’s interests and effectively handle difficult litigation scenarios including:

  • Partnership disagreements
  • Allegations of unfair practices
  • Employment contract and internal disputes
  • Protecting trade secrets
  • Contract breaches

Protecting Trade Secrets and Intellectual Property

We have a strong track record in effectively managing trade secret litigation. Drawing from our extensive experience in addressing:

  • ex parte and preliminary injunctions
  • intellectual property
  • labor and employment
  • white-collar crime
  • general litigation

This ensures that your trade secrets are well-protected.

Partnership Disagreements

Business partnerships can face disagreements over various matters, such as the distribution of profits, decision-making authority, or changes in the partnership agreement. Business law litigation provides a legal avenue to resolve disputes, either through negotiation, mediation, or formal court proceedings, ensuring that the rights and obligations of each partner are clarified and enforced.

Allegations of Unfair Practices

Allegations of unfair practices in business law litigation often involve claims of deceptive trade practices, unfair competition, or breaches of fiduciary duty. Parties harmed by such practices may seek legal remedies, including compensation for damages or injunctive relief to stop the alleged unfair practices and prevent further harm.

Employment Contract Disputes

The Farias Law Firm is highly skilled in offering guidance and representation in Employment and Contract Law for Businesses and Executives. We primarily utilize negotiation and mediation when handling employment contract disputes, but we are also fully equipped to provide courtroom representation, drawing from our 24 years of experience.

Typical conflicts in employment contract disputes that we handle include wrongful termination allegations, wage disputes, discrimination and harassment claims, and severance agreements. Our legal procedures to address these disputes include pre-litigation dispute resolution efforts, mediation, arbitration, and if needed, traditional courtroom litigation.

Verbal Contracts and Business Law

One aspect of business law that often raises questions is the issue of verbal contracts. The majority of valid verbal contracts in Texas can be legally enforced, except when the agreement is required to be in writing by Texas’ statute of fraud. Essential components of a legally binding verbal agreement under Texas law include:

  • an offer
  • acceptance of the offer
  • a meeting of minds
  • consideration.

Texas courts take into account the communications, acts, and circumstances surrounding the agreement when resolving disputes related to verbal contracts. Although verbal contracts may be enforceable, Texas law mandates certain agreements, such as real estate contracts, to be in writing.

Strategies for Resolving Business Disputes Effectively

Having effective strategies to resolve disputes becomes imperative when they arise, and this is where our experience proves beneficial. We utilize comprehensive strategies like settlement agreements, mediation, and arbitration, which prioritize the best interests of our clients’ businesses.

The Path to Settlement Agreements

A settlement agreement is a formalized document that is mutually agreed upon by both parties involved in a dispute, typically reached through mediation or negotiation. This legally binding contract aims at resolving the dispute and bringing closure to the matter. Essential components of a settlement agreement in business litigation encompass:

  • Legal purpose
  • Offer
  • Acceptance
  • Valid consideration
  • Mutual assent
  • Confidentiality
  • Non-disparagement
  • Representation
  • Authorization clauses
  • Enforcement provisions
  • Release of all claims

Drafting a settlement agreement for business disputes in Houston entails:

  • Formulating an offer to resolve the dispute encompassing all agreed terms and conditions
  • Delineating the repercussions of failing to adhere to the agreement
  • Specifying the steps to be taken if such an incident occurs

Once signed, the settlement agreement prohibits any additional legal action pertaining to the dispute, effectively resolving it.

Arbitration: An Alternative to Traditional Litigation

Arbitration, a formal method for resolving disputes in business litigation, entails the presentation of cases by the disputing parties to a panel of arbitrators who then make a final and binding decision. Compared to traditional litigation, arbitration is more efficient and cost-effective, enabling the parties to amicably settle their differences outside of the court system.

In Houston, a business litigation attorney is responsible for:

  • Representing the client during arbitration
  • Offering legal guidance
  • Ensuring the effective presentation of the client’s case before the arbitrator or panel of arbitrators.

When Litigation is Unavoidable: Our Trial-Ready Approach

While we aim to resolve disputes without resorting to litigation, there are times when litigation is unavoidable. In such scenarios, we adopt a trial-ready approach to ensure our clients are well-prepared and represented in court.

Preparing clients thoroughly for litigation involves:

  • Collecting all relevant documents and evidence including contracts and communication records
  • Evaluating the proposal, acceptance, and exchange of considerations for contracts
  • Utilizing strategic business litigation and formation representation strategies.

During trials, we vigorously advocate for our clients, ensuring their interests are staunchly defended throughout the trial process.

Partner with Our Houston Business Litigation Attorneys

Individuals seeking to establish a business litigation partnership with The Farias Law Firm can contact us for robust legal representation and to discuss their specific legal needs in detail. We are dedicated to collaborating with businesses of various scales, from emerging entrepreneurs to small and medium-sized enterprises, who are dealing with legal conflicts in the state of Texas.

Collaborating with us for your business litigation requirements in Houston grants you access to our experienced Houston commercial litigation attorney with diverse legal experience. This comprehensive approach guarantees robust protection of your rights and prepares you to pursue the highest possible compensation. Our commitment to the principles of the legal profession, profound understanding of the law, commendable work ethic, and unwavering advocacy for the interests of our clients distinguish us from other firms.

Whether it’s safeguarding your trade secrets, resolving employment contract disputes, or representing you in court during unavoidable litigation, The Farias Law Firm is here to provide the necessary legal counsel and representation. With our diverse range of legal services and our commitment to protecting your rights and goals, we aim to ensure the most favorable outcome for our clients.

We understand the importance of the “business” part of business litigation. The outcome of lawsuits often has critical consequences, requiring swift action with attention to detail. We do everything in our power to help minimize the impact of litigation on your bottom line.​ Call The Farias Law Firm at 713-226-7999

We communicate with clients in English or Spanish, and we do not rely on translators.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of disputes do Houston business litigation attorneys handle?

Houston business litigation attorneys handle a variety of disputes including partnership disagreements, unfair practice allegations, employment contract disputes, contract breaches, and internal conflicts.

Can a business litigation lawyer help with disputes that arise after a business merger or acquisition?

Yes, a business litigation lawyer can provide invaluable assistance in disputes that may arise after a business merger or acquisition. These disputes can include issues such as breaches of warranties, misrepresentations, and post-closing adjustments.