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How To Find A Good Divorce Attorney in Texas

Divorce can be a challenging process involving many hurdles. Serious disagreements can arise around high-priority issues, such as child custody, property distribution, child support agreements, etc.

A process as difficult as divorce often requires all of your attention. It’s important to find a lawyer that can provide attentive legal support while taking care of your individual needs as a client. Finding the right attorney for your case can not only ease the divorce process but save you time and money.

We always recommend working with an experienced divorce lawyer with a proven track record. Depending on your circumstances, you may want to find a lawyer with specialized practice areas related to your case.

At The Farias Law Firm, our team of attorneys can help you with any family law-related issue. Although our law firm prioritizes negotiation and mediation in divorce settlements, we are fully prepared to take the matter to court to secure the settlement you deserve.

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Do I Need a Divorce Attorney in Texas?

It’s known that the divorce process can get tough. A divorce means spouses will have to create an agreement concerning their property, children, finances, and other life-altering factors.

With such difficult decisions, divorces can quickly become messy. If a divorcing couple cannot reach an agreement on important matters, it becomes essential to hire a divorce lawyer trained in family law to ensure a fair outcome.

Although hiring a divorce attorney is not legally required in Texas, it’s recommended that you seek such legal aid. Our Texas divorce attorneys have extensive experience negotiating and know how to handle unforeseen obstacles in divorce cases. A divorce lawyer can assess your case from a professional standpoint, giving you the guidance you need to make the best decisions for you and your family.

You may find that you and your spouse are currently in agreement on a majority of your divorce terms. However, divorce decrees are permanent and come with legal obligations for both parties. It’s worth considering how these legally binding decisions can affect you long term. We urge all separating spouses to consult with an attorney who has their best interest in mind. Issues such as who gets what property or custody of any involved children should be handled with great care.

Along with giving guidance, a divorce lawyer can manage all the complicated paperwork. Having a professional guarantee that all documents are filled out and submitted correctly can save you both time and money. It can be difficult to read over complicated legal language, but your divorce attorneys can clarify any confusing part, making sure no important details are missed.

At The Farias Law Firm, our attorneys work to protect spouses’ fullest interests, ensuring all rights are being considered. Our objective is to ease your divorce process, allowing you to move forward with your life faster.

Determine Your Divorce Process

Divorce can be a serious challenge, and it can take months of legal proceedings before finalizing complicated cases. When searching for the right divorce attorney, we recommend you first determine the nature of your divorce. Are you planning on filing a contested or uncontested divorce? Will your divorce be fault or no-fault-based? Establish these core components first to find the best lawyer for you.

What To Look for in a Divorce Attorney

In Texas, there are plenty of attorneys specializing in divorce. However, it can be difficult to find a lawyer you can fully count on to fight on your behalf. To find the right divorce lawyer, we recommend considering the following factors:

Experience in Divorce Proceedings

When you hire a lawyer to represent you, it’s crucial they have had experience dealing with divorce and family law. A reputable divorce attorney should have extensive experience practicing law, as well as experience negotiating in and out of the courtroom.

Lawyers typically have a wide range of legal expertise, but a good divorce attorney should be focused in divorce law. Not all lawyers have legal specialization in marriage dissolution. For your divorce case, you’ll want a lawyer trained in the relevant field.


If it’s difficult to initiate contact or speak with your lawyer, that may be a sign that they’ve got a heavy caseload. Although taking on multiple cases isn’t a bad thing, it can result in your case not being a priority.

We recommend hiring a Texas divorce lawyer for your Texas divorce case. If you have out-of-state legal aid, they may not be familiar with the specifics of Texas family law matters, and travel times can factor into the payment or impact the quality of your communication.

We recommend working with a divorce lawyer who will be readily available when you need them and will keep in contact with you throughout the case.

Prioritizing Mediation and Negotiation

Divorce disputes can be resolved through a professional, impartial, and cost-effective process known as mediation. A mediator-trained lawyer can lead a mediation session where spouses can discuss their requests and interests in the presence of a professional impartial third party.

For serious disagreements, it may seem impossible to find a solution among spouses. However, mediation can prove successful for both parties in a divorce. Mediation can cut costs and time, keep your children out of the proceedings, and help keep the decisions in your hands rather than the courts.

Many clients are surprised at how helpful mediation can be, and your divorce attorney should prioritize this equitable process.

Shared Values

If you want the best divorce lawyer for your case, make sure they share similar values. Although many attorneys are good at negotiating divorce cases, not all will take the time to understand what’s most important to you. Look for a divorce attorney that considers your well-being and personal interests.

Good Attorney-client Relationship

When hiring a divorce lawyer, it’s important to take note of your individual relationship with them. Your lawyer will be dealing with your private matters, so it’s important you feel comfortable disclosing personal information. Divorce can become more difficult if you don’t have confidence in your attorney. We encourage you to schedule an initial consultation to get to know the lawyer who will work your case.

Experience with Domestic Violence

If you have been a victim of domestic violence, talk to an attorney with experience in this area who can handle your case with sensitivity.

The most important thing in a case involving domestic violence is ensuring the physical safety of the client. A family law attorney experienced with domestic violence can apply for a court order or injunction to keep you and your children out of harm’s way. Such protective measures let you focus on finalizing your divorce faster, getting you back into a safe environment.

Consider Costs

The cost per hour for Texas divorce lawyers can range anywhere from $650 to $250. The average legal fees are somewhere between $3,000 – $15,600, but those numbers go down significantly depending on the type of dispute. In Texas, you can estimate a cost of around $3,000 for uncontested divorces. Discuss with your lawyer your financial plan and options.

Why Hire a Texas Divorce Lawyer?

Choosing to end a marriage is never an easy decision. It is only normal to want to finalize a divorce quickly. However, any mistakes can lengthen the process, add additional costs, or lead to decisions that have life-changing consequences. Separating spouses should not rush through settlements on property division, child custody, or arrangements for their children.

A qualified lawyer understands family law and all the procedures related to divorce. They will be able to organize your case, answer your questions, review documents, negotiate with the other party, and help you throughout the process making sure your best interests are fully considered.

When going through a divorce, it is essential to stay level-headed. Our legal team can assess your situation with absolute professionalism, keeping your well-being at the forefront. At The Farias Law Firm, we strive to secure the most favorable outcome for our clients and their families.

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