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Compassionate Houston Family Law Mediators Providing Guidance To Resolve Disputes 

Mediation is a process where a neutral or impartial professional, the mediator, helps people who are in a dispute come to a mutually acceptable agreement. If mediation is the dispute resolution option you and your spouse or partner choose, then the two of you will identify the issues that are important to you so that you can discuss them and make important decisions.

Our role as mediators is to provide a safe, confidential environment wherein we can assist you in effectively communicating your authentic needs and interests so that a solution can be reached that works for both of you and your family. You are in the driver’s seat in the divorce mediation process. With our guidance, you will decide the residential arrangements that are in your children’s best interests. You will work towards achieving a property and financial settlement that is acceptable to both of you and meets your needs.​

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Our goal in mediation is to help you resolve your disputes with dignity and integrity, in an atmosphere of safety and confidentiality. Call The Farias Law Firm in Houston at (713) 226-7999 or contact us online to learn more.