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Civil Lawyer Houston: Fierce Representation in Your Civil Litigation Case. 

Whether you’ve suffered an injury or serious financial damages due to the fault of another party, you may be entitled to compensation through civil litigation. At the Farias Law Firm, our attorneys are well-versed in civil litigation along with the areas of law that civil suits tend to fall under.

Confronting any legal case can be a challenge, and a lawsuit as complicated as civil litigation can become a maze when navigating on your own. If you have doubts or questions regarding your eligibility for a civil suit or are looking for legal aid immediately in your civil litigation process, The Farias Law Firm can help. We can assess your circumstances, determine how to move forward with the case, and begin building a strong lawsuit to fight for the compensation you deserve.

To speak with one of our civil litigation lawyers at The Farias Law Firm, call today at 713-364-3942.

Types of Civil Litigation In Texas

Civil litigation encompasses many branches of the law but is a typical approach to non-criminal legal disputes. That means any legal issue that doesn’t involve any criminal accusations or charges. Such disputes typically arise between two or more parties, such as individuals, businesses, or organizations. Although many kinds of civil litigation cases can occur in Texas, listed below are the common types of cases we see at The Farias Law Firm:

Personal Injury – Personal injury applies to injuries endured as a result of another party’s negligence. A personal injury case can stem from car accidents, slips and falls in the workplace, medical malpractice, workplace accidents, etc.

Contract Disputes – If you disagree on the contract terms with your employer, employee, or partnering business, a civil litigation case can be a path to settle your dispute. Contract disputes tend to involve issues regarding goods, services, payments, and property rights.

Business Disputes – As it sounds, business disputes typically involve a disagreement between two businesses or between a business and an individual and usually is the fault of a breach of contract, intellectual property, employment issue, or partnership issue.

Real Estate Dispute – Any disputes involving property, ownership, landlord-tenant issues, or property sale.

Construction disputes – Discrepancies between contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, and property owners.

Family Law Disputes – Legal issues concerning child custody, child support, or another family law area that do not involve a criminal component.

Wrongful Death – In the case of a fatality of a family member or loved one due to another party’s negligence.

Insurance disputes – Disputes related to insurance policies, claim denials, coverage disputes, or bad faith claims.

Environmental Litigation – Disputes involving environmental pollution, contamination, or hazardous waste.

Although these are common instances of civil cases, there are many types of civil suits in Texas. If you fear you’ve suffered damages at the hands of another individual or party and would like to know your rights, we encourage you to reach out to a civil litigation attorney at The Farias Law Firm today. After assessing your case, a trained attorney will know what rights you can be entitled to.

The Civil Litigation Process

The civil litigation process has many steps, but experienced civil attorneys will know exactly how to walk you through them.

Pre-filing Investigation

Before filing your lawsuit, you and your civil attorney will work together to both determine and find what evidence is relevant to supporting your claim. This can involve speaking with any potential witnesses, assessing documents, or even obtaining professional opinions.

Filing the Lawsuit

Following the investigation, your attorney will file a complaint with the court that states the facts of your case and the legal grounds for your claim. After filing the complaint, the individual or party you are filing against is known as a defendant.

Service of Process

The defendant, whether an individual or an entity, must be serviced with a copy of the legal complaint along with a summons. This notifies them that you are pursuing legal action and that they are now required to respond within the given timeline.

Answer and Counterclaims

The defendant now has a deadline to respond to the claim and file an answer. If they fail to do so, their guilt will be assumed by default. The respondent can either admit, deny, or claim there is a lack of information, as well as file a motion to dismiss.


A discovery process is part of the “answer” to the initial claim. Every party involved in the lawsuit is allowed access to information gathered on the case, and discovery is a method of accessing that information.

Discovery can be done via written interrogatories, oral depositions, requests for production, requests for admission, or subpoenas. Discoveries can be complicated and typically take time but can help an attorney build a stronger case against the other party.

Mediation and Settlement

A majority of civil litigation cases are settled through mediation and do not go to trial. Mediation can be ordered by a judge and requires a qualified third party to lead a meeting on the settlement agreement.

Trial and Motions

Cases only go to trial if parties have failed to settle. If your case goes to trial, it’s safe to assume it will take much longer than if settled out of court.

After both the complaint and response have been filed, either party will then file a motion to enter. This is an official request for the court to issue dates for the trial, which entails strict deadlines for the submission of all relevant information and documents.

Judgment and Appeals

If the case heads to court, it will be finalized with a judgment. In the case that either party disagrees with the judgment, an appeal can be made to a higher court.

The civil litigation process can be complex and seriously time-consuming depending on the specifics of your case. Working with a skilled civil litigation attorney can ensure that you meet all the deadlines and file the papers properly, helping you avoid any additional fees or delays. Not only can an attorney guide you through the process of civil litigation, but can guarantee that your rights and interests are taken into consideration.

Civil Litigation FAQ

What Are the Time Limits for Filing a Civil Lawsuit?

The exact timeline for a suit depends on the specifics of that case, however, there are time restrictions in place on certain case types. For example, a defamation suit must be filed within one year following the incident, but a personal injury or fraud case allows up to two years to file. It’s best to speak with a legal professional to determine the time restriction for filing your particular case.

What Is the Cost of a Civil Litigation Lawyer in Texas?

Again, the cost can only be determined by your unique case. Cost can greatly vary depending on the time the lawsuit takes, the nature of the case, and the process of investigation. For instance, if an expert opinion is needed by a medical professional to support the claim, that can increase the costs.

At The Farias Law Firm, we offer a competitive rate for our legal services. Our lawyers have years of experience and law school training, along with a history of successful cases. If you are concerned about costs for your case, consult with our law firm for an initial evaluation.

Speak With a Civil Litigation Lawyer Today

Whether you are worried your rights have been breached and have questions regarding your case, or you are certain that you want to proceed with a civil suit right away, The Farias Law Firm is available to help.

Our civil litigation attorneys have worked across Texas and have years of experience in all the legal fields related to civil lawsuits. At our law firm, our client’s best interests are our priority. We are committed to not only protecting our client’s rights but fighting for the maximum compensation that our clients deserve. Don’t let another party take advantage of you, reach out to the Farias Law Firm today to discuss your case, determine your rights, and advocate for yourself.

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