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Helping Personal Injury Victims To Maximize Compensation

At The Farias Law Firm in Houston, we understand that suffering a personal injury can have serious consequences. You have medical expenses, household bills, lost wages, and other losses. Even an apparently minor injury can develop into a significant disability and may impair your earning capacity and rob you of the enjoyment of life.

Automobile Accidents​

Drivers should always consult a lawyer after they have been in an accident, even if the injuries they sustained seem minor. The Farias Law Firm personal injury lawyers are experienced in helping people injured in motor vehicle accidents receive compensation and damages from at-fault parties and their insurance companies. We are well versed in all matters relating to negligence and liability. Our attorneys are also experienced in defending people accused of being at-fault in a motor vehicle accident.​

A motor vehicle accident can be a very jarring experience and inured parties should immediately contact our personal injury lawyers to ensure their rights are protected.​

Work-Related Accidents

By their nature, construction sites are dangerous places. Heavy equipment, unstable ground, and electric cables are just a few of the hazards common to construction sites that raise the risk of falls, burns, and other injuries. But the dangerous nature of construction sites does not make the injuries workers may sustain acceptable.​

The personal injury lawyers at The Farias Law Firm are keenly aware of the devastating impacts injuries can have on construction workers and their families, particularly if they result in disability or death.​

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