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Strategic Business Litigation And Formation Representation

The Farias Law Firm business attorneys are committed to working with small business entrepreneurs who are starting their own business, contemplating buying a business, or simply need to make their business work better for them. Because our Houston-based lawyers handle many diverse areas of law, we are able to advise business clients from a broad, all-inclusive perspective.

Business Entities

For start-up businesses the choice of entity is one of the most crucial decisions the owner will make. We can review your particular needs and potential for growth, and familiarize you with the entity choices available. It is very important to make your choices based on legal and accounting principles and not just because a friend or acquaintance chose a particular entity.

​Each type of business has its own filing costs and tax consequences. In addition, each type provides a different degree of insulation from liability to something that is critical if your business is high risk.

Rights & Liabilities ​​

Once an entity is selected, it is important to establish the rights and liabilities of all involved parties. A good business is like a marriage it is important for the people involved to have a clear understanding before the business starts about each person’s obligations, expectations, and responsibilities.​

By putting these agreements into writing at the start, you will save a lot of heartache, stress, and financial drain.


We understand the importance of the “business” part of business litigation. The outcome of lawsuits  often has mission critical consequences, requiring swift action with attention to detail. We do everything in our power to help minimize the impact of litigation on your bottom line.​

Our clients include an enviable sampling of small and medium size business. Call The Farias Law Firm at (713) 226-7999. We communicate with clients in English or Spanish, and we do not rely on translators.