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You Deserve A Determined Advocate

When you are in the midst of a family crisis, it is vital to have an experienced family law attorney who is on your side and will vigorously protect your interests.

At The Farias Law Firm in Houston, Texas, we are skilled at providing legal counsel in family law matters. With decades of practicing family law, we know how to proceed at every stage of the family law process.

Our family law practice includes:

You Will Know What To Expect

In your first meeting with us, we will listen carefully to the facts of your situation and then explain how your case is likely to progress. We will set expectations and then develop the best possible legal strategy for achieving your goals.

We set expectations because we believe the best way to serve you is to evaluate your case and explain how strong your legal position is. Every case is different, but our experience with family law gives us a framework for determining your best-case and worst-case scenarios.

Judges Do Not Have Time For Drama

Family court judges are under severe time pressures. Contrary to what is portrayed on television and in movies, judges do not have time for drama.

That is why the lawyers at The Farias Law Firm present arguments to the court in a calm, clear and organized manner.

How To Contact Us

Do you need a Houston family law attorney who will strive to get everything you deserve? Call The Farias Law Firm at (713) 226-7999 or contact us online. We communicate with clients in English or Spanish, and we do not rely on translators.